if you want to know more about openfaas check their beautifull documentation https://docs.openfaas.com/

Check the github repo for a fully contenarized openfaas service with node12 template.

On README I have clear instructions for installing and running the app.

encyclopedia-metallum better search

I grew up with metal-archives as a search tool for my favorite bands, but their existent search bar is still not very handy, because you have to write the complete name of the band and after to click submit. Check it here:

If you misspell the name you are out of luck.

So I have created a better search bar with autocomplete functionality and a link to metal-archives page.

And yes with the majority of the bands in a storage.

You can check the first version with 40000 metal bands (black/death mostly) at the moment.


In a following post I will explain how I have made this app and what technologies and interesting hack methods I have used to complete this project.

Theodore Monk

Software Engineer

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